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Church Staff

Church / Financial Secretary - Elisabeth Gauthier

If  you call us or visit during office hours (Mon - Fri 8:30 - 11:30 am) Elisabeth is often the first person you will talk to at First United.

As the Church Secretary she provides administrative support for the Pastor, boards and committees of the congregation.

As Financial Secretary Elisabeth organizes everything having to do with the offerings and gifts the church receives.

Custodian - Gail Kunkleman

We welcome Gail as our new Custodian as of August 2016.  She and husband Barry are great travelers and are very active. Her's is a job that usually will only get noticed if something is not done. We are grateful to her for carrying out this very important yet often under appreciated service she provides to the members of our congregation.

Music Director / Organist

Music is and important element in our Spiritual life and worship. Music  not only sets the mood in worship but opens our spirit to the presence of God among us. Ted works with Pastor Vern in planning the music for worship. He also leads and directs the Sanctuary and Bell Choirs, along with providing assistance and gudiance to the Worship Music Team.

Treasurer - Linda McCulloch

"Man may not live by bread alone" (per the words of Jesus) but the church would soon not exsist if somone did not pay our bills

and keep our finances in order. Linda continues to faithfully accomplish this, for which we at First United are grateful.

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