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2019 Presbyterian Mission Yearbook

The 2018 Presbyterian Mission Yearbook for Prayer & Study is devoted to the compassionate and prophetic disciples among us. They proclaim God’s justice—extending God’s reign each and every day through their lives and work. Their stories will inspire and encourage you. Engage in ministry alongside them by praying through the Mission Yearbook each day


The d365 daily devotional site is produced by Passport, Inc. Our primary goal is to provide inspirational and relevant reflections on scripture for young people. Passport is a student ministry organization focused on creating meaningful experiences and resources for students; giving students a chance to see and experience their world in new ways.

Celtic Daily Prayer

The Daily Office – Morning, Midday and Evening Prayer – is at the core of the life of the Northumbria Community. A regular cycle of daily prayers constitutes the essential rhythm of life around which other activities can take their proper place. The Office can be said anywhere, but, for Morning and Evening Prayer, it is recommended that a quiet place, as free from interruptions as possible, is chosen. Our lives are usually too full of noise, so this is the ideal moment of the day to experience real silence.

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